WMEX Mojo Men Day
The Mojo men (1965)It was probably in October, 1965, when WMEX was preparing to move into its new studios, dubbed the "Broadcast House."  The station decided to obtain publicity for the move, so among other things, WMEX got the Mojo men to record promos for the station, with that announcement, coinciding with "Mojo Men Day."  San Francisco's Mojo Men, had a minor hit, Dance With Me (peaked at #61 on Billboard on December 4, 1965.  Apparently, Program Director Arnie Ginsburg was enamored of the group, and got them to do such a promo, and thanks to a WMEX fan who sent us the promo, we have it today! 

Apparently, the promo was from a broadcast-quality collection of such that the fan had on CD. The entire "take" was 58 seconds, allowing for a few goof-ups, but the version you will enjoy here, is the final take, plus some music we added for effects.

Of course, they are the same Mojo Men who created a hit out of Stephen Stills' "Sit Down, I Think I Love You," which peaked at a more-respectable #36 on March 18, 1967 (one of my favorite songs of all time, as it had a particular meaning to me).

Click here to enjoy it.... on your Real Player (or equivalent)!  (We think Broadcast House opened at the end of 1965)